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San Sebastián (Spain)



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Paseo del Urumea, 3, 20014 Donostia-San Sebastián
t: +34 902 422 420
f: +34 943 465 044



Tradition and modernity go hand in hand in this "small" big city with touches of the Belle Époque (Golden Age) that has a top-flight cultural agenda with its international film and jazz festivals and its first-class cultural programme.

More than that, San Sebastian is the world capital of the pintxo. Gastronomy rivals nature as the most attractive feature of this city that's world famous for its cuisine and chefs, and boasts 16 Michelin stars.

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The beauty of its Bay, known as the Pearl of the Cantabrian Sea; its situation in a natural amphitheatre facing the sea and protected by mountains; its quality of life, and its famous gastronomy have turned it during the past two centuries into a world-class tourist destination.

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Gastronomy is an art and a sign of identity in San Sebastian. Its cooks have given its reputation in half a world and in our antipodes they recognize us by our gastronomic quality. In fact, of the total of seven restaurants with 3 stars that exists in the whole Spain, THREE are in the city, complemented with another great selection of restaurants bring together a total of 16 stars. That signs the good daily work of San Sebastian’s culinary artists. It plays the role of our territory as owning the most Michelin per square meter of the world.

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Paseo Urumea, 3 – bajo. 20014 Donostia-San Sebastián. Spain.

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