2 Years Advanced Orthodontics International Course

Theoretical Practical Postgraduate




Introduction to the FACE Treatment Philosophy. Diagnostic Tools for a more Comprehensive Diagnosis. HANDS ON

  • Introduction to the FACE-RW Philosophy
  • Concepts of Functional Occlusion: Andrews Six Keys to Occlusion
  • Semiadjustable articulators in orthodontics: introduction and importance
  • Wax Bites: centric occlusion and centric relation (power centric)
  • Facebow: instructions of using facebow
  • Theory and practice of CPI
  • Introduction to Dolphin: CO/CR Conversion and VTO Clinical Application
  • The importance of good impressions and how to do take them
  • Clinical Practice:
  • Clinical demonstration in taking wax bites: clinical practice in taking wax bites
  • Clinical demonstration of the facebow: clinical practice of the facebow
  • Clinical demonstration of the articulator mounting: clinical practice of articulator mounting (every doctor mounts his case)
  • Clinical demonstration of CPI: clinical practice of CPI
  • Occlusal Diagnosis and interpretation of the CPI readings of the mounted models, occlusal analysis of the mountings and interpretation of the CPI readings of the mounted models
  • Students will have Dolphin software installed in their laptops for the length of the course
  • The use of Dolphin in everyday practice: clinical demonstration of Dolphin and clinical practice of VTO and CO/CR conversion


Introduction to TMJ. HANDS ON

  • TMJ: anatomy, histology, physiology and physiopathology
  • Clinical Diagnosis of the Temporomandibular Joint
  • Map of pain: theory and practice
  • TMJ and Craniofacial Pain: diagnosis and interpretation
  • Roth Jarabak Cephalometric analysis as related to TMD
  • Joint Sounds: interpretation
  • Importance of vertical control and Physiotherapy in TMD treatment
  • Splints - Full Coverage splint, 3 piece splint, distraction splint and anterior splint. Indications and use
  • Evaluation and interpretation of clinical cases
  • Clinical Practice:
  • Splints will be fabricated for each student by a technician for the next session
  • Importance of stable condylar position in relation to TMJ
  • Radiographic diagnosis of the TMJ. Cone Beam and MRI images


Introduction to Splints: Indications and Uses
Diagnosis and treatment planning of unstable cases in patients with TMD. HANDS ON

  • SWA and bracket placement
  • Adjustment of splints: Dawson technique and shim technique
  • Arc of clousure: diagnosis of the vertical dimension: Kennedy Cuts
  • Introduction to the Axiograph
  • How to measure the vertical dimension on the models and with Dolphin
  • Clinical Practice:
  • Practice on Typodonts: bracket placement
  • Clinical demonstration and clinical practice of splint adjustment
  • Clinical demonstration Kennedy Cuts: students will present cases for diagnosis
  • Splints will be fabricated for each student


Interdisciplinary Treatment - the importance of teamwork. THEORETICAL

  • Introduction to interdisciplinary treatment:the importance of teamwork
  • Adult Orthodontics
  • Occlusal Trauma: Concepts and Importance in Diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Orthodontics and Periodontics
  • The Importance of the Periodontal Report
  • Periodontal Orthodontics
  • Orthodontics and Prosthodontics
  • The Importance of the Diagnostic Set-Up
  • Implants and Orthodontics - Implant Site Development
  • Orthodontics and Esthetic Dentistry
  • Corticotomies - Concepts and Indications
  • Clinical Practice: Students will present cases for diagnosis
  • Clinical demonstration of a diagnostic set-up


Treatment Mechanics. THEORETICAL

  • Treatment Mechanics in the permanent dentition
  • Closing Mechanics with DKL 19x25....21x25
  • Treatment Protocols
  • Anchorage - Concepts and Management
  • The use of Transpalatal Bars - Concept,Theory and Practice
  • Concept of Vertical Control
  • Treatment Sequence and  Wire Sequence
  • Use of Skeletal Anchorage - Mini Implants and Mini Plates
  • Clinical Practice: Students will present cases for diagnosis


Bioesthetics. HANDS ON

  • Introduction to Bioesthetics
  • Biological Model
  • The MAGO: Concepts
  • Introduction to Negative Coronaplasty
  • Introduction to Positive Coronaplasty
  • The Role of the Technician in Bioesthetics
  • The Importance of Waxing
  • The Importance of the Orthodontist in Bioesthetics - Clinical Implications
  • Presentation of Bioesthetic Cases
  • Clinical Practice:
  • Clinical demonstration of negative and positive coronaplasty
  • Clinical demonstration of wax up
  • Students will present cases for diagnosis


Orthognathic Surgery. THEORETICAL

  • Introduction to Orthognatic Surgery
  • VTO/STO Pre Orthodontics - Pre Surgical
  • Pre - Surgical Orthodontics
  • Surgical STO Theory and Practice
  • Arnett 7 Step Surgical Procedure
  • Surgical Techniques
  • Nasolabial Unit and its Importance in Surgical Planning
  • Post Surgical Orthodontics
  • Management of Post Surgical Patient
  • Model Surgery
  • Presentation of Surgical Cases


Mixed Dentition.THEORETICAL

  • Mixed Dentition: Concepts and Management
  • Strategy of Mixed Dentition Treatment
  • Management of the Transverse Dimension: expansion
  • Treatment Protocols in Mixed Dentition
  • Treatment Mechanics in 1st Phase Treatment
  • Extractions in Mixed Dentition: concept of serial extractions and enucleations
  • Early Treatment of Class II Vertical Patients
  • Cass III: Treatment posibilities: when and what to do
  • Concept of Decoronation
  • Presentation of Mixed Dentiton Cases
  • Clinical Practice:
  • Students will present cases for diagnosis

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